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Eva Solo Kitchenware
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

In our new Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella, Malaga, Costa del Sol we are keen to introduce some fabulous new designer cookware and kitchen accessories, namely the fantastic Eva Solo range of accessories. Eva Solo is a Danish Company which has been in business for around 100 years and in that time they have produced some of the most aesthetically pleasing, high quality products designed to enhance any kitchen.

Their first major breakthrough was with their bread and meat slicing machine that became a design classic. However, the company now produces a vast array of highly functional, easy on the eye kitchenware which is typically Danish having beautifully elegant simplistic lines. The range of Eva Solo is not restricted to cookware and kitchen accessories, however, it covers every room in the house, including a range of bathroom accessories.

Their range of kitchen products, known as Eva Trio, has been designed to take a lot of hard wear and tear and having been designed for professional use they are of superb quality as well as extremely hard wearing. The Eva Solo range really will add not only professionalism to your kitchen but also a huge amount of artistic design. We are all aware that Denmark provides the world with superb designs in furniture and house hold goods, and Eva Solo is no exception. We invite you to see some of the items from this range at our Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella, very close to Puerto Banus, Malaga on the Spanish Costa del Sol, all at very affordable prices.

Showroom photos of Eva Solo

<i>Eva Solo</i><span>Cookware</span>
<i>Eva Solo</i><span>Cookware</span>
<i>Eva Solo</i><span>Cookware</span>