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Spiegelau Glassware
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

We are very proud, at Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop, to be able to offer our customers a range of glassware which is probably from one of the oldest companies still operating on this planet. The German company Spiegelau was first mentioned way back in history in 1521! This company was responsible for supplying glassware to the royal artisans in Germany and has been building up its fine reputation ever since.

The range of Spiegelau glassware is produced using only the highest quality materials which produces the finest clarity. They are also 1500 cycles dishwasher proof, which is a wonderful bonus to all of you who dislike washing glasses!

The Spiegelau stemware is currently in use in many of the high class hotels and restaurants around the world, not to mention fine wine tasting establishments. In Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella we carry the Spiegelau Classic Bar glasses which are available in two different sizes; the Renaissance Glass Collection which has a faint Bavarian look to it and the Willsberger Anniversary Glasses which are incredibly elegant stemware.

As discerning customers of Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop you will instantly be aware of the superb quality and elegant design of the Spiegelau glassware which have been designed not only to be exquisitely simple in form but also incredibly durable too.

Spiegelau have remained faithful to the Bavarian artisan glass makers for the past 500 years so you know that when you buy this fabulous stemware you are truly buying glassware of the highest quality.

Showroom photos of Spiegelau