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Peugeot Cookware
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

In our quest to bring quality and style to our discerning customers at Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella, we have sought out many long established companies, Peugeot Saveurs being but one of them.

This company was established in 1810 in France and their very first product, a saw, won them an award for quality and price. Since then they have progressed by producing components for industry, screws, nuts and bolts and in 1840 they produced the very first coffee mill which was available in 10 different sizes and knows as the Ordinary Model.

In 1850 the famous Peugeot lion was introduced to their product range, a logo which we are all familiar with. At our Cookware Shop you can familiarize yourself with the range from Peugeot which includes their acrylic spice mill, the electric Elis Sense pair of Salt and Pepper mills in brushed stainless steel which are both battery operated plus the Peugeot Baltaz corkscrew.

All of the Peugeot products are produced using only the finest materials and offer a lifetime of hard work and longevity. Not only are they supremely elegant to look at but they are sturdy work horses too. Our Cocinas Plus Cookware shop prides itself on being able to provide top of the range high quality products which are fit to grace any kitchen and which are renowned throughout the world.

Please come along and see these products for yourselves. We will make you very welcome and will offer you these high grade kitchen accessories and cookware products at very competitive prices.

Showroom photos of Peugeot