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Ruffoni Cookware
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

When we launched our new Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella, Malaga on the Spanish Costa del Sol it was our aim to provide only the very best merchandise to our incredibly discerning clientele.

One product which falls into the category of highly desirable is Ruffoni Copperware. The Ruffoni Company was launched many years ago in the area of the Italian Alps, which has been named the land of the coppersmiths. The Ruffoni range of copper pans, which obviously come in sets or can be bought as a stand alone item combine longevity, economic practicality, stunning good looks and gorgeous design.

Ruffoni use only the very best grade of copper which complies with the FDA cadmium and lead regulations. Copper is one of the very best conductors of heat and so it allows food to be cooked at extremely low temperatures which cuts down the risk of overheating or burning the food. The Ruffoni Cookware is resistant to bacteria and has been designed to last a lifetime. The Ruffoni designers have created each different piece of cookware with the professional chef or cook in mind.

This cookware is coveted by chefs and would-be chefs around the world. Once you invest in Ruffoni copperware you will have bought something which will be in your family for as long as you live and will be handed down from generation to generation. Come along to our super Cocinas Plus Cookware Shop in Marbella, close to Puerto Banus in Malaga and see some of the Ruffoni copperware range of cookware. From pans to woks to skillets to casseroles there is a whole magical range waiting for you all at affordable prices.

Showroom photos of Ruffoni