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Le Creuset Cookware
available now in Marbella, Málaga on the Costa del Sol

Le Creuset is renowned throughout the world. It’s reputation is second to none. Everyone knows about Le Creuset. The company was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grande, France when two French artisans got together to combine their respective talents.

Armand Dasaegher was a casting specialist and Octave Aubecq was an expert in enamelling techniques. They quickly realised that they could improve the quality of cast iron cookware by applying a porcelain enamel glaze which, coupled with the strenght of cast iron, would produce a product which would last a life time.

Their famous ‘Flame’ colour was the first to be produced and they have progressed through time and now produce an amazingly versatile range of highly coloured cookware, featuring casseroles, saucepans, woks, fondue sets and grill plates.

In our Cocinas Plus Cookware shop in Marbella, Malaga we are delighted to be able to bring to our customers a vast range of the Le Creuset cookware products. Come along and see for yourself this delightfully robust range of heavy duty, beautifully styled and coloured range of cookware which will enhance any kitchen and will, without doubt, improve cooking skills as the Le Creuset range is designed to spread heat evenly and keep it at just the right temperature prior to serving.

This range of cookware also looks great on your table. We look forward to seeing you and we know that you will love this range of superb cookware from Le Creuset.

Showroom photos of Le Creuset

<i>Le Creuset</i><span>Cookware</span>
<i>Le Creuset</i><span>Cookware</span>
<i>Le Creuset</i><span>Cookware</span>